MK Reward Points

Earn cash by purchasing and reviewing products.

At MK Moto, you earn MK reward points on every purchase you make. MK reward points can be redeemed on any future purchase, on any item in our store, you can also save up your MK reward points if you wish . It's quite simple, MK rewards are earned at 5% of the item or order value, and each MK reward point is worth £0.01.

You can also earn additional reward points for reviewing products which you've purchased.

Ways to earn:

  • Purchasing products - Earn 5% of purchase price in reward points. £100 purchase will earn you £5 worth of MK reward points.
  • Reviewing purchased products - Earn 100 MK Reward points for each purchased item which you review.

Let's look at an example:

You buy a helmet for £100, earning you 500 MK reward points. That means you now have £5 off your next purchase.

You decide to leave a review for the helmet you bought, once your review is approved, whether a positive or negative review, you'll earn an additional 100 MK reward points, giving you the equivalent of a further £1.

If you like the look of a pair of gloves for £25, you can redeem your all your MK reward points and get those gloves for £19. Or, if there's an item you have your eye on which is £6 or less, you can purchase that straight away and there won't be anything to pay.


If you return an item on which you earned MK rewards, those reward points will be deducted from your MK reward points balance. If you have already spent those MK reward points, the equivalent amount will be deducted from your refund.

  • Example: You purchase a helmet for £100, earning 500 MK rewards. You decide to return the helmet for a refund. You receive the full £100 refund, and your 500 MK reward points are deducted from your MK rewards balance.

If you return an item which you paid for using MK reward points (either partially or fully paid for with MK rewards), the points will be credited back to your balance, so you can spend them again.

  • Example: You purchase a helmet for £100, earning 500 MK rewards. You decide to return the helmet for a refund, but you have already spent your 500 rewards on another purchase. As you've spent these rewards, you will receive a £95 refund.

Terms & Conditions:

MK Moto (MKUK LTD) reserves the right to end, or change the MK reward points scheme at any time. MK reward points can only be earned or redeemed for purchases or reviews made on and purchases or reviews made on other sales channels cannot earn MK reward points.

MK reward points cannot be redeemed for cash or credit to a payment method, and can only be redeemed on future purchases on